FSAE Updates

PRI Trade Show 2018 - January 20, 2019

Last month, Crimson Racing sent four team members and the CR18 to Indianapolis for the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show. This was a great opportunity to show off CR18, as it was chosen as a Showcase Vehicle for the event. Out team members were kept busy by showing off CR18, discussing sponsorship, and attending learning seminars!crimson-racing-pri-2018-1crimson-racing-pri-2018-3

Advanced Materials from Hexcel - September 11, 2017

hexcel_logoIn motorsports, every ounce matters. Thanks to Hexcel’s advanced composites manufacturing, we can achieve lightweight designs and even achieve higher performance. Their products are used in many different industries and applications. Through the use of their carbon fibers and honeycomb sandwich panels, Crimson Racing will be able to manufacture CR18’s body, custom dash, firewall, and many other parts. Thanks to Hexcel, our designers can produce a better car and gain experience with cutting edge materials We are excited to begin manufacturing these custom parts, and seeing the performance advantages of composites with the continued support of Hexcel.

Achieving Success with Altair - July 8, 2017

altair_logoWe are very excited to announce a partnership with Altair, and we are excited to begin using their featured software HyperWorks. This sophisticated software is capable of many different types of simulations, and their features are second to nearly none. We will be utilizing this software across nearly every sub-team to help us design and validate CR18. We are excited to use this amazing software as we stay hard at work designing CR18. We encourage you to consider not only HyperWorks but all of Altair’s products, which can be found here. We are thankful for this new Gold level sponsorship!

US Chrome and Hesco Help with Engine Performance - July 6, 2017

engineOne of the many challenges that Crimson Racing faces is keeping our engines reliable and high performing. We are thankful for Hesco’s and US Chrome’s continued support. Hesco helped us by lightening the crankshaft and decking the head for one of our engines. Hesco offers many services and products for both cars and marine vehicles. We are glad to welcome them back as a sponsor, and we invite you to check out their website here!

US Chrome helped us out by replating the bores, which will raise cylinder compression. US Chrome has the ability to plate many different materials. We urge you to check them out for all your plating needs here. We have finished rebuilding the engine, and we setting it up on our dynamometer. We are thankful for our sponsors continued partnership, and we are very impressed with the results.


Thank You UA Mechanical Engineering Department! - May 16, 2017

me_department_logoBuilding a top tier racecar is never an inexpensive endeavor. Higher quality parts also tend to have a higher price tag. Through strict budgeting and prioritization of parts, the Crimson Racing team can develop a great car even though we don’t have the funds that many other teams have. In addition to all the parts on the car, the team also must overcome other expenses. The team’s biggest expense of the year is the funds required to travel to competition in Michigan. The team must pay for vehicle rental, gas, and hotels. We would like to thank The University of Alabama’s Mechanical Engineering Department for providing the funds to allow the team to travel to competition. Without their help, we never would have been able to achieve the level of success that we did! Thank you ME Department!

Crimson Racing Places 17th at FSAE Michigan! - May 15, 2017

cr17_fsaemThree years ago, the Crimson Racing team did not participate in the dynamic events at competition due to not passing the technical inspection. The team made a vow to never allow that to happen again. The same members that were on the team that year are still on the team now, and they are surrounded by thirty additional members that are passionate about the program. At the sacrifice of many missed vacations and nights of sleep, the team turned the program around. The Formula SAE Michigan competition just ended, and the team came in 17th place overall. That means the team moved up almost 90 positions in 3 years, and we are now in a position where we are competing against teams with 5 to 10 times our budget. The official results have not been posted online yet, but we will post a link to the results once they are up. We will also be posting more in depth details of the events at competition. We are excited about the team’s progress, and we hope you are also!

Thank You Andrew’s Paint and Body! - April 30, 2017

cr17_paintedThe Crimson Racing team is delighted to have made the transition to carbon fiber body paneling and nose cone instead of the fiber glass that we have used in previous years. The switch significantly decreased the weight of those components. Even with the carbon fiber, we still needed a paint job to provide the team with the sleek, professional look we desire. We would like to thank Andrew’s Paint and Body for doing an incredible paint job for the team. Andrew’s used a mix of victory red and white to give our car a great look. Andrew’s is a local business to the Tuscaloosa area and does a lot of work for The University of Alabama. We were excited to work directly with Andrew which shows how passionate Andrew is about his business even as it expands. Don’t be surprised if you see Crimson Racing team members wearing Andrew’s Paint and Body shirts often!

Crimson Racing Unveiling is a Success! - April 19, 2017

cr17_unveilingThe Crimson Racing team is always looking for more ways to show off our sponsors to the community, and we had a great opportunity with the Honda STEAM event. The team worked with Honda Racing and the school to put on event to get middle schoolers and high schools excited about engineering and science. The event allowed middle and high school students to walk around campus and see the many exciting design projects taking place. The event even featured Indianapolis 500 winner Ryan Hunter-Reay driving newly drafted New York Giants defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson in a street legal two-seat Indy car. The two drove down University Boulevard and ended in front of the Ferguson Center. The day concluded with the unveiling of the CR17 car where the Crimson Racing team gave a quick presentation on the car and then drove it down 7th Avenue. We would like to thank Honda and The University of Alabama for making this event such a success! We hope to work with Honda more in the future! If you are interested in learning more about the event, check out the video found here.

Crimson Racing Unveiling Event! - April 17, 2017

The Crimson Racing team is excited to be driving our 2017 car! The team has driven the car several times internally to collect data and test various components. We are now happy to announce that we will be showing the car off to the public on April 19! At the event, we will have some members of the team give a brief overview of the car. We will then drive the car down 7th Avenue in front of Hardaway Hall! We encourage everyone to attend the event. If you are not a student or faculty member at the University and you are interested in coming, email us to get a temporary parking pass. The event will begin at 1:45 and there will be several team members present to answer any questions you may have. The unveiling will be part of a larger, Honda Racing HPD event taking place throughout the day on campus. We hope to see you at the unveiling! More information about the event is provided here.

Crimson Racing Wins SAE Night! - April 14, 2017

sae_logoEvery year, the state of Alabama’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) holds an event where university SAE chapters across the state present on something related to their design competition. This year’s event was held at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and teams from Auburn and Alabama were also represented. Generally, the teams present on a technical aspect of their projects, but this year it was decided that the teams would give their business presentations instead. Since all the competitions require teams to pitch their projects to a team of investors, it was beneficial for the teams to practice these presentations in front of a larger audience. At the end of the event, the organizers select the best presentation from the group to be the winner. Last year, the Crimson Racing team won the event with our presentation on the frame. This year, our team won the event again! We are proud of all the members that attended the event, and we would like to thank UAB for hosting the event. We look forward to hopefully winning the event again next year!

Thank You CJ Pony Parts! - April 5, 2017

cj_pony_parts_logoSince the Crimson Racing team is an automotive design team, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the team members’ interests in cars extend beyond building the Crimson Racing car. Many of the team members enjoy making modifications to their personal cars to increase their performance. One aftermarket automotive company that stands out among others is CJ Pony Parts located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. CJ Pony Parts was founded in 1985 and was rated one of Central Pennsylvania’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies. They have had many vehicles featured in Specially Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show held in Las Vegas. One of the main focuses of CJ Pony Parts this year was education and giving back. They created a scholarship program and have become Crimson Racing’s newest sponsor! We encourage everyone to explore CJ Pony Parts’ wide array of products and learn more about the company at their website which can be found here. If you are interested in learning more about their scholarship program, more information can be found here.

Thank You U.S. Chrome! - March 31, 2017

us_chrome_logoThe Crimson Racing team uses a Yamaha engine from the mid-2000s. The reason for using an older engine is due to the engine’s great power to weight ratio along with the difficulty in changing to a new style of engine. Along with having to redesign many components, the team would have to start the engine tuning process from scratch and we would lose most of our analysis from previous years. When we purchase an engine that has existed for a decade, there is always fear that the engine may not be in great condition. The team puts a lot of effort into checking as many aspects of the engine as possible before making a purchase. Unfortunately, even if an engine is great when we buy it, placing the engine in our car puts a lot of wear and tear on the engine. The engine that is going into this year’s car came from our 2015 car. Unfortunately, the compression in the cylinders was not as high as we were hoping. Luckily, US Chrome in Wisconsin came to the rescue! Along with many other services, US Chrome does engine re-plating, which is exactly what the team needed. US Chrome did the modifications for a reduced price and we are ecstatic with the results. We look forward to working with US Chrome again in the future. We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Thank You United Launch Alliance! - March 28, 2017

ula_logo-svgThe Crimson Racing team is excited to welcome our newest sponsor, United Launch Alliance (ULA)! Building a superior race car can often get expensive, so the team relies on the generosity of sponsors to help to continue to develop the skills of our team members and to create our car. We would like to thank ULA for their support of our program! ULA is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Boeing Defense, Space & Security. The goal of the alliance was to combine the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with the U.S. government. The program has been a huge success and provides launch services using three expendable launch systems – Delta II, Delta IV, and Atlas V. We are excited to have ULA on-board with our team, and we encourage everyone to explore ULA’s website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing Going Back to Mugshots! - March 25, 2017

mugshots_logoIn November, the team partnered with Mugshots Grill and Bar to have a fundraiser where a certain percentage of the profits made on a particular night would go towards the team. The event was such a success for both parties that we are partnering with them again! The event will be on April 6th and once again, a certain percentage of the profits will go to the Crimson Racing team. We encourage everyone to invite all your friends and family to eat at Mugshots anywhere between 5 PM to 10 PM on the 6th. We actually encourage you to eat there every day, but particularly on the 6th. Mugshots is located in downtown Tuscaloosa and makes some of the best burgers in the area. The Crimson Racing team loves eating there and go there regularly. They are known for having delicious burgers along with some of creative recipes such as the Reagan’s Peanut Butter Burger and the Gamble which is covered in delicious chili. If you are interested in learning more about Mugshots, you can visit their website here.

Crimson Racing at Pyros! - February 28, 2017

pyros_logoThe Crimson Racing team is always working to partner with organizations to help our team and the organization. Tonight, the team will be partnering with Pyros Fire Fresh Pizza located off McFarland Blvd. Pyros allows you to build your own custom pizza and is known for always having fresh produce. Pyros is a favorite restaurant of the Crimson Racing team so it was an easy decision to partner with them. Please come out to Pyros tonight, February 28th to eat great food and support the Crimson Racing team. A percentage of the profits will go to the team. If you want to learn more about Pyros, you can visit their main website here. We also encourage you to eat there more often even when a percentage of the profits does not go to the team!

Thank You Plethora! - February 8, 2017

plethora_logoOne of the frustrations of machining is getting your parts quoted by manufacturers. You must supply the manufacturers with part files and drawings and then wait for days on a response as to whether the part is machinable and, if so, what the cost will be. When you are in a rush to hit deadlines and finish products on time, this process can be a huge hindrance. Luckily, Plethora realized this problem and created an innovative solution to overcome it. Instead of submitting files to get reviewed by people, Plethora created a software plug-in for SolidWorks – a 3D modeling CAD program. When you create a part in SolidWorks, all you must do is run the part through Plethora’s plug-in to get an instant quote. You can even select turnaround times and send the parts off for manufacturing from within the plug-in! If you don’t believe how easy the process is, download the plug-in and try it for yourself. Plethora even provides your first $250 in machining for free! The team mainly uses SolidWorks, so Plethora is a great fit for us. Every product we have received has been top quality. We look forward to working with Plethora more in the future! We encourage everyone to visit their website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing featured in The Crimson White! - January 31, 2017

crimson_white_logoThe University of Alabama is privileged to have a great student newspaper called The Crimson White. In relation to other college newspapers, The Crimson White is near the top. Along with other awards, the newspaper was awarded the National Pacemaker Award in 2015 which is the highest award in collegiate journalism and is commonly referred to as “the Pulitzer Prize of collegiate journalism”. Recently, The Crimson White featured a story on Crimson Racing. The link to the story can be found here. The article talks about the progress the team has made over the past few years and about the upcoming success we plan on achieving. We are excited to be featured in the newspaper, and we look forward to continuing to get our name out in the community. We encourage everyone to read the article and pass it along to your friends!

Crimson Racing at Chipotle! - January 19, 2017

chipotle_logoAnytime someone wants a delicious burrito, one of the first places they think about is Chipotle Mexican Grill. The Crimson Racing team is no different. We love eating at Chipotle and go there often. Chipotle is known for their healthy, organic options and offer various products such as burritos, bowls, salads, and tacos. The team has partnered with the Chipotle at 1203 University Blvd in Tuscaloosa to have a fundraiser event on Thursday, January 26th between 5 PM and 9 PM. Simply go to this Chipotle location during the fundraiser time and, before ordering, either show them this flyer or tell the cashier you’re supporting Crimson Racing. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank You Alabama Powder Coat! - January 12, 2017

alabama_powder_coat_logoEveryone on the Crimson Racing team enjoys working with bare metal. It is exciting to see a product transform from a block of aluminum or several chromoly tubes into an elaborate shape. The team spent several months in the fall welding together the entire frame and adding all the attachment points to the frame. The hard work and many late hours allowed the team to complete the frame before Christmas break. Although we love the look of bare metal, to take the frame to the next level, we wanted to coat the frame. This process makes the frame even more attractive, but also protects the frame members. For several years, the team simply painted the frame. Although this process is sufficient, the paint easily flakes off and weighs a significant amount. We would like to thank our newest sponsor, Alabama Powder Coat, for powder coating the frame for the team this year! Powder coating weighs fractions in comparison to painting and does not suffer from flaking off. The coat gives the frame the professional appearance that takes the frame to the next level! Alabama Powder Coat is located in Anniston, AL and provides a wide array of services such as motorcycle, car, truck, and marine powder coating. We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing in Coleman Coliseum! - December 19, 2016

crimson_racing_in_coleman_coliseumJust like most of the athletics at The University of Alabama, the woman’s basketball team here is a top-notch program. Most of the team’s home games are held in Foster Auditorium, but on Thursday, December 15th, the program played a game against Georgia State University in Coleman Coliseum. The University invited several thousand 5th graders from across the state to watch the game. The College of Engineering invited some of the engineering student design teams to set-up a table in the Coliseum to get young students excited about engineering and to reach out to people attending the basketball game. The Crimson Racing team brought the car and had a table set up in the Coliseum. Many 5th grade students asked questions about the car and several classes took pictures with the car. The team also spoke with people attending the game. We are always happy to get our car’s image out to the public, and we look forward to participating in more events!

Thank you Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Wired! - December 10, 2016

bmrs_wired_suppliesAs the team continues to improve, we need to collect more data and control more devices on the car. Most of the time, this requires routing more wires to link sensors and electrical components. The team now uses over 500 feet of wire concealed throughout the CR16, and we predict we will be using more next year. If any of these connections break, certain functionalities of the car will be lost and it may not run in general. In the past, the team has covered wiring harnesses with plastic wire loom to protect the wires and keep them bundled. Thanks to Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Wired though, the team will now be transitioning to covering harnesses and connections with heat shrink. The heat shrink will provide better protection and flexibility, and will reduce the weight of the harnesses. BMRS Wired specializes in the distribution of high quality racing electronics. If you need to improve your wiring harnesses, BMRS Wired has what you need. If you would like to learn more about BMRS Wired, visit their website which can be found here!

Thank You Airtech! - November 30, 2016

airtech_supplies_crimson_racingAs stated in previous updates, the team is making a large transition to using carbon fiber in places on the car where we previously used metal or fiber glass. The transition will allow for significant weight reductions, but it requires a lot of materials for vacuum bagging to properly lay the carbon fiber. The team would like to thank our newest sponsor, Airtech Advanced Materials Group for providing the team with the necessary equipment to do several vacuum bagging iterations. With the donation from Airtech Advanced Materials Group, the team will be able to utilize carbon fiber in more areas than expected. Airtech Advanced Materials Group is the largest manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials. We are excited to begin working with Airtech! We encourage everyone to learn more about them by visiting their website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing at Mugshots! - November 16, 2016

mugshots_logoBeing in a large college town means that students at the University have the luxury of being surrounded by many restaurants. One of the team’s favorite restaurants to go to is Mugshots Grill and Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa. Mugshots is well known for their wide array of delicious burgers. The team has partnered with Mugshots to set up a fundraiser tonight, Wednesday November 16th. Part of the proceeds made from 5 PM to 10 PM will go towards the team. We encourage everyone to eat at Mugshots tonight and help the team! If you want to learn more about Mugshots, you can visit their website here.

Thank You FitnessZone! - October 26, 2016

fitnesszone_logoThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, FitnessZone! As anyone who has ever worked out knows, it can be difficult to get in shape. If you do not have the proper equipment, getting in shape can require a lot of time and effort. Luckily, when you have the right equipment, the entire process gets easier. Suddenly it takes half the time to burn twice the calories. FitnessZone is the premier fitness superstore site on the Internet for fitness equipment and fitness related products. Whether you are trying to start getting in shape, or if you are trying to take your exercising to the next level, FitnessZone has all the equipment that you need. Thank you for your support FitnessZone!

Crimson Racing on the Radio! - October 25, 2016

The Crimson Racing team always strives to gain more traction in the community. At every opportunity, we show off our car and sponsors in the community. The University of Alabama has a student operated radio station that plays throughout the city of Tuscaloosa and to some surrounding areas. The station is called WVUA-FM and dates back all the back to the 1940s! Some members of the team were invited to participate in a segment on the show called Houndstooth and Hardhats. The segment took about an hour and through it all, listeners learned more about the team and sponsors. If this sounds familiar, you are correct! The team participated in the same segment two years ago. We will post the segment so it is available to everyone as soon as possible. If you would like to know more about WVUA, you can visit their website here or if you would like to learn more about Houndstooth and Hardhats, you can visit their Facebook page here. You can tune in anywhere in the Tuscaloosa area at 90.7 or you can listen live on their website. The team is thankful for the opportunity to participate on the show, and we look forward to participating in more events!

Thank You Sonic Tools! - October 19, 2016

Manufacturing a racecar requires many tools to be successful. It does not take a long time using tools to realize how much of an impact tool quality can make on projects. Although you can buy low quality tools for a cheap price, you end of having to replace them frequently, and they often are not sufficient for projects. The Crimson Racing team is proud to welcome our newest sponsors, SONIC Tools, for providing the team with a discount on their premium tools! These tools are stamped from a single piece of steel and offer a lifetime warranty. The tools come placed in SONIC foam which is laser engraved, chemical resistant, and fits perfectly in our toolbox. Despite being professional-grade, these tools remain affordable. SONIC Tools is a Dutch company that has launched in the U.S. a few years ago. They have a facility located in Auburn, Alabama. The team is excited to begin using these high-quality tools! If you would like to learn more about SONIC Tools, you can visit their website here.

Crimson Racing at WOW Career Fair - October 17, 2016

crimson_racing_at_wow_career_fairSeveral businesses and schools host an event every year to show middle schoolers and high schoolers potential careers that can be pursued once they complete their schooling. The event is called Worlds of Work and occurred on October 13th and 14th at Shelton State Community College. Along with the many companies in attendance, The University of Alabama had a tent set up. The Crimson Racing car was one of the displays at the tent, and team members answered questions from the students and company employees. The team spoke with many of the companies in attendance who were interested in the car. We hope to continue to get our name out at events like these in the future. If you would like to learn more about the Worlds of Work event, you can visit the link here

Crimson Racing at E-Day - October 6, 2016

ua_college_of_engineeringEvery year, The University of Alabama hosts an event for students in high schools and middle schools to see how exciting engineering can be. The event is called Engineering Day or E-Day for short. The Crimson Racing team had a table set up at the event and talked to several interested students. Many of the students simply wanted to learn how fast the car goes, but they were also many students that wanted to learn how they can get involved. The team plans on continuing to attend similar events, and we hope that we can encourage many upcoming students to become engineers! If you would like to learn more about E-Day, you can visit the link provided here.

Crimson Racing Participates in Homecoming Parade! - October 1, 2016

2016_crimson_racing_homecoming_paradeOn October 1st, The University of Alabama’s football team beat the Kentucky Wildcats football team in the annual homecoming football game. Before the game started, the University held a homecoming game parade. The Crimson Racing team is always excited to show off our car and our sponsors, so the team participated in the parade. Throughout the parade, the team was able to show off the car by reving it several times. Several thousand people were in attendance at the event, so the team was successfully able to get the Crimson Racing name out in the public. The team looks forward to participating in the parade again next year and other similar events in the near future!

Thank you Molex! - September 23, 2016

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank Molex for their generous donation of connectors and pins for the connectors. In the past, the team has been forced to use large connectors because of their cheap price. These connectors often were not ideal in terms durability and stress relief. Fortunately, Molex was able to help the team out by providing several of their top of the line sealed connectors. Not only are these connectors significantly smaller than our current ones (every gram the car can lose has an impact on performance) they offer better connection and relief. The team looks forward to implementing these connectors on the new car! Once again, thank you Molex! We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Successful Sponsor Drive Day! - September 18, 2016

The Crimson Racing team held a sponsor drive day in the Northeast Commuter lot near the Student Recreation center. Several of the team’s sponsors were invited to the event to drive the car. Many sponsors and their families attended the event. The team had a great time getting to know all of the sponsors more, and we hope our sponsors enjoyed learning more about us! Everyone on the team always enjoys getting to drive the car around, and it was a lot of fun getting to spread that joy to more people. The weather tried its best to deter everyone with some bad rain, but almost everyone was able to drive before the rain started, and luckily it stopped long enough for the remainder of our sponsors to drive. We would like to thank Which Wich for providing lunch for the event. The food was wonderful and sparked a lot of conversation! We would also like to thank the University staff for helping stage the event! University employees helped to take pictures at the event, set-up a generator for the team, and set-up trash cans for the team. We appreciate the help!

Crimson Racing CD-adapco - September 16, 2016

PrintThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, CD-adapco! Every year, the team invests a lot of time into making sure parts such as the nose cone have a minimal amount of drag. Regardless of how much power the engine outputs, it does not matter if the car is creating a lot of drag. The drag significantly slows the car down and offsets the power improvements. In previous years, the team has significantly improved aerodynamic analysis and simulation which has greatly reduced the drag on components on the car. Unfortunately, as the team has improved at simulations, we have begun to be limited by the current computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that we use. CD-adapco makes the industry leading CFD software, STAR-CCM+, and was able to provide the Crimson Racing team with a license. With the software, the team should be able to perform CFD on the entire car at once. This software will allow the team to improve drastically! We appreciate the help CD-adapco, and we look forward to using the software! We encourage everyone to explore CD-adapco’s website which can be found here.

Thank You Hexcel! - September 9, 2016

The Crimson Racing team is always in need of help from sponsors in order to make high quality race cars every year. One of the main ways the team evaluated and saw potential weight savings would be to make parts of the car out of carbon fiber instead of their current material makeup. Carbon fiber has the significant advantage of being lighter and as strong as or stronger than most of the materials that the team currently use. The team would like to thank Hexcel for their generous donation of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb! Hexcel was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. They are one of the industry leaders in developing and manufacturing lightweight, high performance composite products including carbon fibers, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, and adhesives and composite structures. Hexcel was gracious enough to donate a roll of carbon fiber and honeycomb to the team! The carbon fiber will be used to make this year’s body, steering wheel, and other parts! In the past, the team has used fiberglass for the body, but the carbon fiber will allow for a significant reduction in weight! The immediate use for the honeycomb is to use it as the inside of the team’s custom steering wheel. We appreciate Hexcel’s generous donation and we encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Thank You Bob’s Speed Shop! - September 7, 2016

bobs_speed_shop_logoThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, Bob’s Speed Shop. Bob’s Speed Shop is located in Mobile, AL and has been in business for over 50 years! Our newest sponsor was gracious enough to donate a pyrometer! A pyrometer is an instrument used for measuring high temperatures. The Crimson Racing team will specifically be using this pyrometer to measure tire temperatures after every driving session. The pyrometer is inserted into the tire at various points on the tire immediately after a driver returns from a run. The tire temperatures are an important feature in suspension design and adjustments, so the donation will go a long way in helping the team. Once again, thank you Bob’s Speed Shop!

Dr. Bell Visits the Team at GOBD! - September 1, 2016

The_University_of_Alabama_Dr_Bell_CR16Every semester, The University of Alabama holds an event to allow students to find and learn about student organizations on campus. The event is referred to as Get-On-Board-Day, and the team uses it as a great recruitment tool. Several members of the team took the car to the event and answered questions from dozens of perspective members. The car always attracts a lot of attention from students walking around the event, and this year, the car drew the attention of the president of the university, Dr. Bell! He took a picture in the car and spent time at the station talking with the team. We are always happy to show UA faculty our car and thank them for their support! If you missed our table at the GOBD, the team will be holding an interest meeting on Thursday, September 1st in SERC 1059 at 7 PM.

Crimson Racing Competes in SCCA Autocross Event! - August 28, 2016

SCCAUnfortunately, it is not always easy to secure parking lots for the team to practice driving the car. In order for members of the team to gain more driver experience, some of the team’s drivers attended an SCAA Autocross event held at Shelton State. The SCCA stands for the Sports Car Club of America and is the sanctioning body for road racing, rallying, and autocross events in the United States. The SCCA host many competitions across the country to bring together lots of people that are passionate about racing and let everyone test their vehicles. All SCCA events hold safety at a highest concern; in fact, the organizers at the Formula SAE competition in Michigan work with the SCCA to make sure our events are held to the same safety standard. Two members of the team were able to race several successful laps in the CR16 and the team looks forward to attending more SCCA events in the future! If you are interested in learning more about the SCCA, visit the link which can be found here.

Crimson Racing Attends Car Show! - August 27, 2016

Crimson_Racing_Car_ShowMembers of the Crimson Racing team are passionate about cars. Obviously, all the members of the team are enthusiastic about the Crimson Racing car, but the team also enjoys learning about other types of cars. Over the weekend, the team took the CR16 to 15th Annual Cars by the Creek Car Show in Montevallo, AL. At the event, team members were surrounded by other people that share a love for cars. The event allowed the team to gain serious exposure in the state, and several people took pictures in car. The team looks forward to participating in similar upcoming events!

Crimson Racing Featured in the Capstone Engineer Magazine! - July 23, 2016

Capstone_Engineer_Cover_PictureThe Crimson Racing team has been featured in another magazine! Over the past year, the team has seen a large increase in the amount of magazines that provide details about the car or the team. The most recent magazine addition is a full picture in the spring edition of the Capstone Engineer Magazine along with some information about Engineering Day. We are always delighted to see the car featured in publications as it gets our sponsors the exposure that they deserve, and it allows potential members to find out about the team! Visit here and navigate to page 11 to see the 2015 Crimson Racing car!

Thank You Traffic Safety Store! - July 15, 2016

Traffic_Safety_Store_Cones_2016-07-19Thank you to the Traffic Safety Store for providing the Crimson Racing team with a generous donation of traffic cones. One thing that people often overlook on drive days is how many cones it takes to create an autocross or endurance track. In order to create the course to specifications, a course will take hundreds of cones! In the past, the team was forced to use smaller courses or use different objects in replacement of traffic cones. The lack of cones prevented some improvements for the team. Luckily, the Traffic Safety Store was happy to help out! We encourage everyone to explore the Traffic Safety Store’s website which can be found here for various assortments of safety gear. Thank you Traffic Safety Store!

Thank You Cintas! - July 1, 2016

Crimson_Racing_Cintas_ShirtThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank Cintas for making high quality t-shirts and collared shirts for the team. The collared shirts are black and gave the team a professional look at competition. These shirts will be used for presentations made by the team for the upcoming year. Cintas also manufactured beautiful t-shirts for team members and other people that are close with the program. Cintas has a contract with The University of Alabama which we are happy about since it led us to finding a high quality manufacturer! We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here. Thank you Cintas!

Rise School Visits Crimson Racing Team! - June 29, 2016

The Rise School of Tuscaloosa is a located on The University of Alabama’s campus and serves children with and without disabilities. The program offers instructional opportunities and exemplary services to improve childhood education. Students from the program recently took a tour of some of the engineering design teams on campus. One of the stops that the students made was at the Crimson Racing shop! A member of the team was able to provide a tour to the group. We hope that everyone involved had a great time! To learn more about the Rise Program, visit their Facebook page which can be found here or their website which can be found here!

Thank you Studypool! - June 22, 2016

StudypoolThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, Studypool, for their contribution to the team! Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors who can answer them. Using Studypool, gives you access to thousands of verified tutors to help you with any question at any time. The Crimson Racing family is happy to have Studypool as our newest sponsor. We encourage you to check out their website which can be found here. Thank you Studypool!

Thank You TeXtreme! - June 6, 2016

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank one of our newest sponsors, TeXtreme. TeXtreme donated spread tow carbon fiber fabric which involves weaving the fiber with tapes instead of tows. The advantage of this technique is that the fibers are in the straightest orientation possible which is the most effective way to carry a load. The Crimson Racing team plans to use this carbon fiber to make parts on the car such as the undertray. The undertray experiences forces much greater than the body panels on the top of the car. In the past, the only way the team would have been able to manufacture an undertray would have been to use fiber glass. In order for the fiber glass to be strong enough, it would have to be heavy which would offset the potential gains. Since the TeXtreme carbon fiber is much stronger than fiberglass, the gains of the undertray are much greater. Once again, thank you TeXtreme! We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Thank You EFI Group! - May 21, 2016

EFI_GroupThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, EFI Group, for their contribution to the team! EFI Group was established in 1999 by Ken Parezo when he became frustrated with consultant’s inability to solve manufacturing problems. EFI Group provides experienced engineers and consultants together to tackle manufacturing issues. They understand clients and take huge steps in reducing manufacturing risk. The team is happy to have EFI Group on board! We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here. Thank you EFI Group!

Thank You Molex! - May 19, 2016

Molex_LogoThe Crimson Racing team would like to thank Molex for their new sponsorship! Molex is a world leader in the manufacturing of various electronic devices such as electrical and optic connectors. The company is based in Illinois and offers over 100,000 products! Molex has its hand in industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, and Industrial Automation. We are excited to have Molex join the Crimson Racing family! We encourage everyone to visit Molex’s website which can be found here. Thank you Molex!

Crimson Racing Competition a Success! - May 16, 2016

The team traveled to Michigan on Tuesday to take part in the Formula SAE Michigan competition. Despite a few incidents along the way such as a flat tire, bad rain, and horrible traffic, the team arrived at the hotel late in the evening. As the competition went on, the team continued to put down solid scores in all the events. Out of 120 teams, the team was the 18th team to complete the first stage of technical inspection and only the 7th team to complete all the stages of technical inspection. The team was successfully able to complete all of the dynamic events with was the main goal of this year. In the end, the team came in 42nd! The team is extremely excited, and we anticipate continued improvement in the years to come! We will be posting a newsletter shortly with more information. We encourage everyone to explore our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to see videos from the event!

Crimson Racing Visits Bryant-Denny Stadium! - April 29, 2016

cropped-2016_Competition_Car.jpgAs the University approaches graduation time, we see more and more people taking pictures in from of the football stadium and statues. Since the 2016 car has been so successful recently, we felt that it deserved some of its own pictures. Click on the Media link to see all the pictures of the car in front of the stadium!

Crimson Racing Unveiling a Success! - April 27, 2016

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank The University of Alabama’s faculty and students, all of our sponsors, and several news outlets for making the unveiling of the 2016 unveiling a huge success! A huge turn-out of students, staff, and sponsors attended the event as the team explained the car and drove it on 7th Avenue to the applause of everyone present. The team is delighted with the support and encouragement that we received at the event. In case you missed it, or if you just want to relive it, click the video next to this post. We also encourage everyone to read the news articles from Tuscaloosa News (Republished here), WVUA 23 News, and WBRC-Fox 6 (Birmingham).

Crimson Racing Wins SAE Night! - April 22, 2016

sae_internationalEvery year, the SAE chapter of Alabama holds a competition among the schools in the state of Alabama. Members of SAE teams at various universities present a certain design aspect of their competition vehicle. The presentations last about 15 minutes each and are judged by several SAE professionals from across the state. The presentations allow students to practice their presentation skills and receive valuable advice from professionals and other teams. This year, the Crimson Racing Team’s chassis lead presented on the chassis design and heat treatment of welds. The presentation was a huge success; in fact, the presentation was declared the winner of the competition!

Thank You Wayne’s Body Shop! - April 20, 2016

waynesThe team would like to extend a huge thank you to Wayne’s Body Shop in Cottondale, AL. Wayne’s has helped the team the last several years by painting the car for the team. Although, the team has several good painters, there is no comparing our skill level to the employees at Wayne’s. As always, they did an incredible job. The body parts all have the clean, professional look that takes our car to the next level. Wayne’s even added a white racing stripe to our traditional red. It looks great! Thanks Wayne’s Body Shop!

Thank You Traffic Safety Store! - April 13, 2016

In June, an update was published thanking the Traffic Safety Store for their generous donation of several cones to the Crimson Racing team. Every time the team goes out on a drive day, we use all the cones that were provided to us. We always comment how helpful they have been on these days. We feel that one update is not enough to show our appreciation. So thank you one again, Traffic Safety Store. We encourage everyone to explore their website here!

Team Travels to Huntsville and Meridian - April 8, 2016

One of the best aspects about this year’s team is the growth of the business team. Several business students have joined the team, and along with several of the engineering students, have formed a top-of-the-line business team. These members have improved social media outreach, strengthened communication with sponsors, and vastly advanced the business presentation. Along with these improved qualities, the business team took the time to take last year’s car to various middle school and high school events. These events allowed students who may not have been previously exposed to engineering an opportunity to learn about the program. The team answer questions for students and many of the students took pictures in and around the car. We hope that our team influenced some of these students to become engineers. Maybe one of them will become the Crimson Racing team captain some day!

Thank You Tilton Engineering! - March 25, 2016

Tilton_LogoBrakes are probably the most important part of any vehicle. Of course, many members will argue that the tires are most important because they are the only part of the car that touches the ground, and others will argue that the powertrain is most important since the car would not move without it, but in the end, if everything else on the car fails, you still want the brakes to work. The brakes are always the last line of defense in certain failure conditions. Therefore, the Crimson Racing team takes brakes very seriously. The team realizes that corners should not be cut when exploring options for brakes. Because of this, the team is happy that Tilton Engineering was nice enough to help the team with price reduction on their top of the line master cylinders. The master cylinders convert the non-hydraulic pressure of the driver’s foot into hydraulic pressure to control the brakes. Thank you Tilton Engineering! We encourage everyone to explore their website which can be found here.

Thank You APR! - March 23, 2016

As anyone who has ever participated in FSAE understands, one of the hardest parts of building the car is getting the engine properly tuned. Without a good tune, the car’s performance can suffer regardless of the fact that the rest of the car may be perfect. The Crimson Racing team is lucky to have a phenomenal group of members constantly working on perfecting the powertrain. Unfortunately, due to resources, the team cannot get the perfect tune without some help with resources and knowledge. Luckily, APR in Opelika, AL was generous enough to all the team to use their top-of-the-line dynometer to help with the car’s tune. With the resources and guidance that APR provides, the team was able to make great progress on the tune. Some issues with certain parts of the car are going to be fixed, and then the team plans to return. Thank you APR for the help!

CR16 Rolling Chassis! - March 7, 2016

The Crimson Racing team is happy to announce that the CR16 is on the ground and rolling! The suspension is completely on the vehicle and the car is able to be moved. Thank you to Kaz for providing the team with high quality shocks to complete the car’s suspension. The final steps to starting the engine will be completed in the next week. The team is excited with the progress being made but also realizes there is a lot of work left to complete.

Thank You UA Interior Design! - March 1, 2016

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank The University of Alabama’s Interior Design School for helping with the aesthetics of the car. The team molded a seat this year by using expanding foam to make a mold around a team member’s body. The mold was then sanded down to remove any imperfections. Several team members sat in the seat to ensure that the ergonomics of the seat conformed to all the drivers. To give the seat the final touch that it needed, the school’s interior design department helped the team by modifying a Mercedes seat cover to fit over the seat. The seat looks great! We sincerely appreciate the help of the interior design school!

Thank You Advanced Circuits! - February 6, 2016

Several months ago, Advanced Circuits was generous enough to manufacture two custom printed circuit boards for the Crimson Racing team. The boards were designed to control electronic throttle on the CR16. The boards were tested thoroughly on a benchtop, and as with many designs, some flaws were noted. The team made the changes to overcome these flaws, and Advanced Circuits came through again with an awesome product. Thank you Advanced Circuits! The team plans on soldering components to the board soon and then will provide an update of how the new revision works! We encourage everyone to check out Advanced Circuits website which can be found here.

Thank You MathWorks! - February 6, 2016

Building a high quality racecar is a difficult task. It requires enormous amounts of time, effort, and dedication. In order to help with the complex equations, advanced simulations, and testing iterations, the Crimson Racing team relies a lot on computer aided programs. Some of the top programs that exists are made by MathWorks which has its headquarters located in Massachusetts. MathWorks was gracious enough to offer the Crimson Racing team several copies of their programs MATLAB and Simulink. The team would like to send out a thank you to MathWorks for their support of the team. We are excited to see what doors these programs open for the team in the coming years. We encourage everyone to explore MathWorks website which can be found here.

Thank You Fitz-Thors Engineering, Inc.! - February 4, 2016

There is no way to deny it…machining is a difficult task. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and expensive equipment. The team has many quality machinist, but it never seems to be enough to complete all the parts that need to be machined. Also, students do not have access to a CNC machine which makes difficult milling task nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are local companies with CNC machines that support the team by making high quality parts for us. The most recent company to help us is Fitz-Thors Engineering, Inc. Fitz-Thors is based out of Bassemer, AL and was founded by two UA engineering graduates who happened to be heavily involved in SAE competitions. Fitz-Thors supported the team by machining a custom oil pan (see picture). The finished oil pan looks incredible. Thank you Fitz-Thors Engineering, Inc.! We encourage everyone to look at their website, and check out all their incredible services which can be found here.

Thank you MSC Software! - February 3, 2016

Calculations to figure out optimized suspension geometry points and the loads on certain parts are extremely complex. In order to aid in these calculations, the team has been using a software program that aids in doing static calculations. The members of the team working with this software have become fluent in this software and are ready to make the next step. The transition involves going from static calculations to dynamic calculations. Although this transition does not sound like much, it involves far more complex calculations, and, therefore, the aid of a more powerful software. The best software available for these calculations is Adams which is produced by MSC Software. The team would like to thank MSC Software for allowing the team to use their high end software for free. It will take a long time for members of the team to be able to properly use Adams, but we are excited for what the future holds for the team now that we will be able to better predict racing conditions on the suspension. We encourage everyone to explore their website, which can be found here.

Thank you Industrial Specialty Company, Inc.! - February 2, 2016

All over the CR16, you can find aluminum parts. The differential carriers, the floor, the firewall, suspension accessories. If you are looking at the car, it would be difficult to not find an aluminum part. One of the best ways to make aluminum look clean and professional is to anodize the parts. This gives color to the aluminum while also contributing all beneficial properties. The process of anodizing aluminum is generally expensive, but Industrial Specialty Company supports our team by doing the anodizing for us for free. Industrial Specialty Company started helping Crimson Racing last year, but we thought that they deserved another shout out for how much we appreciate their support. We encourage everyone to explore their website, which can be found here.

Thank You Texense! - January 26, 2016

In previous years, one part of our car that was lacking was our data collection and analysis. The team plans on overcoming this issue by adding more sensors on our car and improving our collection and analysis skills. The CR16 (the car name for the 2016 FSAE Michigan competition) will feature linear potentiometers to measure suspension travel. These linear potentiometers will allow the team to better calculate suspension geometries, better tune the suspension, and, ultimately, help our performance on the race track. The team would like to thank Texense for their help in obtaining these value sensors. Texense supported the team by offering a significant discount, and we are happy to add them as another sponsor of the team. We encourage everyone to explore Texense’s website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing at Get-On-Board Day! - January 22, 2016

ua_gobEvery semester, The University of Alabama holds an event to allow students to get an opportunity to easily find student organizations to that they may be interested in joining. The event is called Get-On-Board Day and is normally one of the best recruiting tools for the Crimson Racing team. Several members of the team had a table at the event. Several parts that team members designed and manufactured were on display at the table along with the posters with all our sponsor logos. Several students displayed interest to joining the team. We look forward to seeing what contributions these new members will bring to the table.

Crimson Racing Team Office Relocation! - January 16, 2016

The Crimson Racing team had the pleasure of having a spacious office right next to our shop in Hardaway. We were happy to be right in the thick of the college of engineering’s innovative expansion. In the same hallway as us, an electronics lab, app’s lab, projection modeling lab, and an innovation’s lab were all added. In addition to these labs, around the corner was the 3D printing lab and a printed circuit board lab. Several tours would come by every day, and we were ecstatic with the publicity that we were receiving. Recently, the university received a new CNC machine. The best place for the university to put the machine was our office, so we relocated. Our team knows that having an office is a luxury, and we are very thankful that many people in the administrative staff worked hard to get us a new office. We are now located in the Hardaway Annex next to the elevator in room 215. Although we are now further from the shop, we are still receiving many new people through tours in the office. We constantly have many people occupying the office at all times and we look forward to continued expansion. The room has plenty of space and storage, and we are happy to call it our new home. We encourage everyone to stop by and meet the team to learn more. Once again, thank you to the University administration for securing us a new office location!

Thank You Coyote Coating! - January 13, 2016

The Crimson Racing Team would like to send out a huge thank you to Coyote Coating in Hueytown, AL for powder coating our frame. Although the fall semester at The University of Alabama let out early in December for winter break, several members of the Crimson Racing team stayed nine days longer to continue working on the 2016 car. Because of the hard work and time spent working, the team was able to complete the fabrication of the frame, including all the mounting tabs. By finishing the frame before the end of the year, this year’s group of students is ahead of where Crimson Racing has been at this time in the past few years. The team is excited about this progress but knows there is still a lot of work to be done. Because of the early completion of the car, the team was able to send out the frame to get powder coating. In previous years, the team was forced to spray paint the car with cheap paints that easily flake. Over break, the frame was sent to Coyote Coating in Hueytown, and they provided a beautiful black powder coated finish for a fraction of what they normally cost. The powder coating provides the professional appearance that the team desired, and the protection from flaking that was needed. The team is happy to welcome Coyote Coating as a new sponsor. We look forward to continue to work with them, and we encourage everyone to explore their website here.

Crimson Racing Featured in Mosaic Magazine! - January 3, 2016

The Honors College of The University of Alabama engages students, faculty, and alumni through articles published in their magazine called Mosaic. There is an online edition of the magazine that is updated frequently, and a print edition of the magazine that is published once a year. Two months ago, some members of the Crimson Racing team were interviewed by writers for the magazine, and recently, an article was featured in the online edition of the magazine. The article explains the Crimson Racing program, what it takes to be a member of the team, how the competition works, and the future of the program. The article also features many pictures of the car and the team. We are excited about the growing publicity surrounding the program and the people and companies that graciously support the team. The article can be found here. We hope you take the time to read the article and explore the Mosaic website!

Crimson Racing Featured in Undergraduate Magazine! - December 18, 2015

Every year, the University of Alabama publishes a magazine that gets sent out to students who are interested in attending the university. In this year’s publication of the magazine, a six-page article was dedicated to the Crimson Racing team. The article detailed tasks that members of the team face on a daily basis and the time commitment required to make a high quality car. Along with the writing, the article also displayed several pictures of the car and members working on the car. The entire back cover is a picture of the car taken to the 2015 competition! We hope that everyone is as happy as we are for the extra attention and publicity! If you are interested in reading the article, there is also an online link provided here.

Thank you Brown & Miller Racing Solutions Wired - December 15, 2015

A few months ago, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions supported the Crimson Racing team by bending a thin, complicated exhaust to be put on the upcoming car. BMRS created a high quality exhaust that the team is ecstatic to put on the new car. Once again, BMRS helped the team out in a huge way. This time, the contribution came from the Wired section of BRMS. Through BRMS Wired’s generous support, the team was able to obtained all the wire, connectors, and switches that the team will use on the upcoming car. The electronics of the car will be getting an upgrade due to BRMS Wired’s support. We appreciate the donation, and we encourage everyone to explore their website!

Online Donations Now Accepted - November 30, 2015

online_donationThe Crimson Racing team is now happy to accept online donations. With the team's constantly growing budget, any amount of support is a huge help to the team. The donations are made through the school, so all tax benefits are still available to anyone who makes the donation. If anyone is interested in making a contribution to the team through this method, follow the instructions provided in the Contact Us page.

Crimson Racing Travels to Sipsey Valley High School Again - November 23, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would once again like to thank Sipsey Valley High School for allowing us to use their parking lot to drive our vehicle. Even though the team could not secure a parking lot on campus due to the home game, the team was still able to get several quality hours with the car. The team experienced a few issues with the charging circuit and some weak electrical connections, but overall it was a great experience to get more driving time. In the past, the team has struggled to get much time in the car before competition, so the fact that we are consistently driving is a sign of the team's progress. The team was also able to bring the kart which was the new member project from last year. It was a great opportunity for the members of the team that worked on that project last year to test the abilities of the kart. We will continue to provide updates as we drive more.

Thank You Sipsey Valley High School - November 15, 2015

It is often difficult for the Crimson Racing team to find a place to drive the car. Our drivers always need more experience in the car and our team always needs to collect more data from the car when it is experiencing real test conditions. Unfortunately, the parking lot on campus that the team is allowed to drive in is not always available. Whether it be because of RV traffic at a football game or parking for a softball game, the lot is often filled with several cars. In order to get the necessary time with the car, the team reached out to local high schools and organizations with large parking lots. The team would like to thank Sipsey Valley High School in Buhl, AL for letting us use their parking lot over the weekend. We were able to spend several hours in the lot and gain a lot of useful experience and data. The parking lot was perfect for our team and we hope to travel out to Buhl again! If anyone knows other parking lots that we may be able to use, please send us an email. Once again, thank you Sipsey Valley High School!

Thank You Web Cam Racing Cams! - October 19, 2015

The team has been working hard on finding ways to improve the power output of our car. One of the ways we saw the greatest potential rise in power was to modify the cams in the engine. The modification changes the pressures in the engine which, when done correctly, can greatly improve the final output of the car. Modifying cams is not an easy task though. If machined incorrectly, for instance too much is shaved off or the cams are not perfectly smooth, then the modification can severely hurt the output of the car. Fortunately for Crimson Racing, Web Cam Racing Cams in California specializes in these modifications and was able to help the team out with a huge discount. The modified cams recently were shipped back to us and they look incredible. We cannot wait to put them in the engine and see how much they help our performance!

Thank You University Printing! - October 12, 2015

Most people look at the large banners and posters located throughout the University of Alabama’s campus and do not think twice about the effort that went into printing such a large piece. In order to print large banners and posters, special equipment must be used since a normal printer or plotter is not big enough. Whenever a difficult printing job must be tackled at UA, people reach out to University Printing located off Bryant Drive. The Crimson Racing team had a team banner from several years ago that had our old logo and was severely outdated. We decided to get an updated poster made at University Printing and they came through with an awesome product. Take a look at the attached picture to see the poster hanging in our shop. The team also got a poster printed of the car from last year with all of our sponsors’ logos to be displayed at public events. We hope everyone gets to see it the next time you see the team!

Thank You Advanced Circuits! - September 24, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank Advanced Circuits for fabricating custom printed circuit boards for the team. Advanced Circuits is North America’s third largest PCB Manufacturer and has been at the top of the industry for over 25 years. As the team has started to grow more, there are electrical needs that do not already have an off the shelf solution. Therefore, the team has started to design custom printed circuit boards. At the university, the team has access to some machines that allow copper to be milled to create circuit boards, but the boards do not have the professional quality that we desire. In order to overcome this hurtle, we reached out to Advanced Circuits to help. Advanced Circuits was able to fabricate two boards for the team. The team plans on adding components and testing the boards in the next week. Once again, thank you Advanced Circuits! We encourage everyone to visit their website and explore the products and services that they provide.

Successful Crimson Racing Design Review Thanks to Taziki’s - September 17, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank all the members of the team and guests that attended our design review. The team appreciated all the suggestions and criticism that we received. With the new insight, we will be able to improve our designs and simulation methods. If you have any questions or comments about the event, send us an email. The next design review will be held on November 5th at 6:30PM in Hardaway 252. Also, thank you to Taziki’s for providing food and refreshments at the event. Taziki’s is a Mediterranean style restaurant that makes favorites such as fresh-grilled gyros, chargrilled lamb, herb-roasted pork loin, and much more. Taziki’s has a location in Midtown Village in Tuscaloosa and we encourage everyone to go and check it out. We provided a link to their website

Thank you STAM! - September 15, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank STAM for bending out frame roll hoops and bulkhead. In previous years, the team has used a manual tube bender in the shop to form the roll hoops into the proper shape for the car. Unfortunately, the manual bender is not always reliable. When the tension of the bender is released, the measured angle may adjust two or three degrees. This amount may not sound like much, but when the rest of the frame and all the calculations rely on these bends, it makes a huge difference. To overcome this issue, the team reached out to a CNC bending company, STAM, located in Ohio. STAM was able to provide us with the high quality bends that our team desired. With the roll hoops already in, the team has begun fabrication of the frame. We will continue to update everyone on the progress of the frame. Once again, thank you STAM!

Thank You J.M. Huber Corporation! - September 11, 2015

The Crimson Racing would like to thank the J.M. Huber Corporation for becoming our newest team sponsor. The J.M Huber Corporation was founded in 1883 in New York, New York and has grown to become one of the largest privately owned companies in America. It now has its corporate offices in Edison, New Jersey but still remains family owned! The J.M. Huber Corporation has an impressive hold on several industries, including: agrochemicals, cosmetics, flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and much more. Visit their website to find out more information. The team is excited to have them on board. Thank you J.M. Huber Corporation!

Thank you Brown & Miller Racing Solutions! - September 7, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor Brown & Miller Racing Solutions! BMRS is a company that focuses on providing high quality racing parts and equipment. The company has graciously agreed to help our team with acquiring fittings, hoses, tube bending, wires, electronics, and whatever else we can find in their inventory. Considering how many parts BMRS has in stock on a constant basis, this was a very generous donation. We are already beginning to reap the benefits of BMRS’s help. They were able to bend our exhaust which is not an easy task because of the intricate bends and thin tubing, but BMRS came through with a high quality product. Thank you Brown & Miller Racing Solutions!

Crimson Racing Design Review - September 2, 2015

The Crimson Racing team is happy to announce that we will be holding our first design review of the semester at 6:30PM on September 16th in Hardaway Hall, room 252. At the design review will present our chassis and powertrain designs. We welcome everyone to come and view our progress. It gives us the chance to show what we have been working on while also receiving feedback on where we could improve or where we need to do more research. Food and refreshments will be provided to all of our guests. Visit the link at the end of this update to reach an interactive map to get to Hardaway Hall. Send us an email through the Contact Us page if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!


Crimson Racing at Get-On-Board Day - August 28, 2015

Every year, the University of Alabama holds an event called Get-On-Board day where many of the clubs and organizations on campus have a table set-up near the Ferguson center where other students can walk up to members of the team and ask questions. The event provides students a chance to learn about clubs at the university that they may be interested in joining. Get-On-Board day is a great opportunity the Crimson Racing team to recruit new members. The team wheeled the car out to our table and answered several questions that people were curious about. We are very excited about the amount of interest that we received and we cannot wait to have the new members on the team. For anyone who is interested in joining the team, whether you spoke to us at Get-On-Board day or not, we will be holding an interest meeting on September 9th in Hardaway 252. At the meeting we will go over the different team sub-groups in more detail so that everyone can find the right fit. We hope to see you there!

Thank You Pegasus CNC! - August 24, 2015

The Crimson Racing team would like to thank our newest sponsor, Pegasus CNC! Pegasus CNC is a company located in Prattville, AL. The company focuses on making custom automotive parts which is perfect fit for our team. We are always in need of help machining parts, and we know Pegasus CNC will produce high quality products. We cannot wait to see what they produce for us with their 5-axis CNC. Click here to visit their website and find out more information. Once again, thank you Pegasus CNC; we are excited to have you on board!

Crimson Racing is on Twitter and Instagram - July 27, 2015

The Crimson Racing team is always interested in keeping our sponsors and fans up to date on the most recent accomplishments and information about the team. In order to help with this outreach, the team has started a Twitter and Instagram page. The pages will provide short recaps of events immediately after they happen. We encourage everyone to follow our accounts on both social media outlets. For anyone interested in following us on Facebook, the page is currently being worked on and we will release a link once it is up and running.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alabamafsae
Instagram: @crimsonracingua

Thank You Traffic Safety Store! - June 30, 2015

In order to properly test our car’s abilities, we need to set up a proper race track. By having several turns, we can mimic the course that we will see at competition. It not only prepares the drivers, but it also allows for better data collection. The simplest way to set up a course is to use traffic cones and set them up in the proper places to create the track. Unfortunately, the team has a limited supply of cones, and we were therefore not able to complete all the testing that we would have liked. Even several of the cones we had in stock we worn with years of use. The Traffic Safety Store was gracious enough to provide us with a sponsorship of several cones. We were now be able to replace bad cones and increase our supply. We want to thank our newest bronze sponsor, Traffic Safety Store!

Thank You APR! - June 18, 2015

apr_logoBeing in the state of Alabama, we have the luxury of being near APR’s facility. APR is a company Opelika, AL that tunes Volkswagon and Audi engines for dealers around the world. They have world class talent at tuning engines which is an area the Crimson Racing Team is anxious to have improvement. Luckily for the team, a former captain of the Crimson Racing Team works at APR now. He lent a helping hand to the current team by giving member of the team a tour of the APR facilities. APR was gracious enough to give the team countless pieces of advice and scan our ergonomics jig and one of our members in order to get more precise measurements. We appreciate everything that former captain Jeff and APR was able to do for us. Thank you!

CR16 will be as Comfortable as your Couch! - June 10, 2015

A large part of scoring at competition focuses on the ergonomics of the race car. Despite how fast or strong a car is, it does not make a difference if the driver does not feel relaxed in the car. It not only makes it easier to complete a long, exhausting race, but it also decreases lap times when a driver is comfortable. Because of all the benefits of improved ergonomics, the Crimson Racing team wanted to put a focus on making an exceptional experience for the driver. In order to accomplish this goal, the team built an ergonomics jig out of wood. The jig resembled the look and feel of a driver’s cockpit, but allows for the adjustability of several angles and distances of certain objects from the drivers. Several members of the team—and some people not on the team—took turns sitting in the car and deciding at which distances and angles felt the most comfortable to them. Some of the angles and distances that were tested include steering wheel angle, seat angle, thigh angle, and pedal position. Once the team collected a large sample size of data, we determined which angles and distances would allow for the greatest comfort to all drivers.

Thank You Auburn FSAE! - June 5, 2015

Although we are bitter rivals in football, the Formula SAE teams at Alabama and Auburn are good friends. One of the greatest features about the Formula SAE program in general is how willingly teams help each other out. Instead of an environment where teams are secretive and withholding information from each other, the atmosphere is set up where teams are more than happy to present data and collaborate with other teams in order to help each other out. Recently, Auburn has had more success with their engine tuning than ours, so some members of our team took a trip to The University of Auburn. While we were there, their team showed us what they were doing to accomplish peak performance. Thank you Auburn for hosting us! We appreciate the help and we hope we can provide help to you in the future!

Crimson Racing has a Photo Shoot - May 20, 2015

The Crimson Racing team is always interested in getting our program's name and our sponsors' names out to the community. On May 20th, the team participated in a photo shoot. The photo shoot showed off the beauty of the CR15 that recently went to competition. The pictures will go with an article that will be published in the University's Undergrad Research magazine. The article details two interviews given by two members of our team, Cole Frederick and Shanley Carlton. Our members explained their involvement in Formula SAE, what the team does as a whole, and how people can get involved in the program. We look forward to seeing their interviews get published!

Crimson Racing Returns from Competition! - May 18, 2015

Very early in the morning on May 13th, the Crimson Racing team embarked on a 14 hour journey to Michigan International Speedway for the Formula SAE Michigan Competition. The team competed against over 100 other teams from around the world. While we saw huge improvements on our presentations and reviews, we were unable to race the car due to issues with technical inspection. Regardless, we still saw an increase in our overall placement at competition. If you would like to know more about how competition went, please read our competition newsletter on the Newsletter page. The newsletter gives much more detail about the improvements we made and the difficulties we faced.

Thank you to Wayne’s Body Shop! - May 5, 2015

In order to have an aesthetically superior car, a great focus was put into the body this year. The team spent many months smoothing fiberglass to make perfect body for our car. To give it the body the final touches, Wayne's Body Shop in Cottondale painted all seven of the body parts the same red that gained Alabama a lot of attention at last year's competition. We are excited how all the parts turned out, and we owe it to Wayne's for giving it the professional look that we were hoping to obtain. Thank you Wayne's Body Shop!

Crimson Racing goes to Talladega! - May 1, 2015

One of the drivers in the ARCA racing series, Tyler Audie, will be attending The University of Alabama next year to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree. ARCA stands for Automobile Racing Club of America and is an American stock car series. It is used as a feeder series for NASCAR. Audie and his team were driving in a race at Talladega the Friday before the NASCAR race. Since he will be attending UA next year, he and his team were nice enough to stop by UA before headed to the race. They displayed their car in front of Hardaway Hall on campus. They answered questions for anyone who was interested. It was also a great recruitment chance for our team because it attracted people interested in the automotive industry. We met several people that could become future members. Audie's team was also nice enough to invite several members of our team and the school's EcoCAR team to watch the race from the pits. It was a great experience for everyone who was able to go and our team learned a lot. Thank you to Audie Racing for providing us with such a memorable experience!

Frame Complete and Painted - April 17, 2015

All the welding on the frame was completed and we were able to paint it. A huge thank you goes out to Wayne's Body Shop in Cottondale, AL for allowing us to use their facilities to paint our frame. Also, thank you to our academic advisor, Dr. Paul Puzinauskas, for helping to get the funding to purchase high quality paint. The frame was painted matte black and came out looking exceptionally good. It gives the frame the professional look we are seeking.

Thanks Industrial Specialty Company, Inc! - April 14, 2015

We would like to thank Industrial Specialty Company, Inc. in Montgomery, AL for anodizing many of the aluminum parts on our car. We sent them the components for our rear box and some of the parts for our suspension. Each came back looking better than we were expecting. The suspension parts were anodized black and the rear box was anodized red. The red on the rear plate allows us to represent our school and is shown in the picture. The anodizing took our parts to the next level and we look forward to using Industrial in the future!

Crimson Racing on YouTube! - March 26, 2015

Crimson Racing now has a YouTube channel. We have uploaded our most recent design review to the the channel. We hope that if you were unable to attend our design review that you will watch the video to learn more about our current projects. Please feel free to email us if you have any comments or suggestions about our presentation. We look forward to hearing from you! We will continue to add more videos to the channel so keep an eye on it.

Crimson Racing Spring Break Update - March 23, 2015

The University of Alabama went on spring break from March 13th-20th. The break from classes was relaxing for our members, but more importantly, it allowed for more time to be spent on the fabrication of parts for our car. The team looks forward to this time of year because it allows for the greatest amount of time to be spent towards the car. Several members stayed in town over the break and the entire week was a big success. Many hours were put into the fiberglass body molds and they continue to close in on completion. The various wiring harnesses began to be crimped and soldered together, with several of them being completed. The engine was mounted to the frame allowing for more components to be fitted as assembly continues.

New Member Go-Kart Project Officially Begins - March 10, 2015

The new members of the team continue to impress everyone. On Monday, March 9th, the new members presented a shortened design review to the heads of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department. The members did a great job representing the team and explaining their designs. The head of the Mechanical Engineering Department even offered to help with the funding of the project. With the funding under their belts, the kart team is beginning to order parts so that fabrication can be started over spring break. We look forward to the success that this kart project is going to bring to the entire team and will continue to post about the status of the kart team so that everyone can follow their progress.

Crimson Racing Presents at SAE Night - March 6, 2015

Every year, the Alabama chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) holds a design competition where different SAE teams from several Alabama schools make presentations to their peers and a team of judges. The idea behind this is to allow the different schools to learn from each other and for all to get more practice presenting their designs before competition begins. The night is a great way for the teams to network and get advice on their current design challenges. This year's event was held at The University of Auburn. Three of our members along with our faculty adviser made the drive to Auburn. Auburn was gracious enough to open their doors to us and show us their awesome facilities. For SAE night the Crimson Racing team presented on their electronic throttle and control circuit design. Some of the other presentations by other teams included UA Baja SAE data acquision and AU Formula SAE intake manifold simulation. With the electronic throttle presentation, Crimson Racing was able to win third place and secure some funding for our team.

Royal Purple Oil Arrives! - February 27, 2015

Royal Purple was gracious enough to donate several boxes of their high quality oil. They also sent us a box of their chain lube. We are very thankful of their sponsorship of our team. Their donated products will go a long way in helping us build a reliable vehicle. Thanks Royal Purple!

Design Review was a Success! - February 25, 2015

The Crimson Racing team had a design review on the February 24th where they presented on the engine, rear box, and electrical systems. Several of our sponsors were in attendance. They offered useful and insightful advice and criticism. We are thankful of everyone that should up to show us support. We hope everyone is excited about the future of our team. For those who were unable to attend, we be posting a link to the video once we have completed minor edits and post it to our team Youtube channel.

New Member Kart Project Design Review - February 24, 2015

One of the main projects of new members this year was to design a go-kart using a small engine that was donated to to the team. The kart project was created so that new members joining the team could have an entire design project without having to have all the knowledge required to work on the actual car. The project has allowed the new members to learn the difficulties of designing and building and it will allow them to make an easy transition to the actual Formula car. For the past few months members of the kart team have been working together with some help of the older members to prepare a presentation to pitch their designs to our faulty adviser, Dr. Paul Puzinauskas. The presentation was a huge success and Dr. Puzinauskas was extremely pleased with the progression of our new members. We hope to see the kart team start to machine their parts in the coming weeks.

Thank You Machine Shop! - February 20, 2015

At The University of Alabama, we are lucky enough to have a top of the line machine shop that helps to machine parts for student design projects as well as research projects. Everyone in the machine shop has been extremely helpful towards completing our car. They have much more experience than us in machining and do a wonderful job whenever we need something made. We recently asked them to help us with our brake hats and they did a great job as always. We are thankful for all that they do for us and recently got them a cake to show our appreciation. We hope that they realize how helpful they have been to us.

Crimson Racing Design Review 2/24 - February 15, 2015

The spring school semester is well on its way. The team has been hard at work as we continue improving designs and begin manufacturing certain pieces of the car. We have scheduled a design review for February 24th at 7:30 PM. in SERC 1013. We would like to invite all of our sponsors and readers to attend. Design reviews are where members of the team present projects that they have been working on. It allows sponsors and members of the community to learn what the team is doing and how they are spending time and money. It also provides the team members with a way to receive feedback from people who know more about certain topics. We hope to see everyone there! Complementary food and refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Crimson Racing Talks on the Radio - February 13, 2015

In the middle of January, three members of the Crimson Racing team took part in the Houndstooth and Hardhats segment on WVUAFM 90.7 The Capstone. The Capstone is The University of Alabama's local radio station that many students and Tuscaloosa locals listen to. The members of the team, Chris New, Aaron Suttle, and Shanley Carlton, explained what Formula SAE is, how to get involved and what they do on the team. During the segment, Chris, Aaron, and Shanley were also asked some viewer write in questions and listeners learned what it takes to be a Crimson Racing member. Listen to the show

Cain Cart is Complete! - January 23, 2015

One of the main projects for new members this year was for them to design and build a pit cart for the team to use at competition. We were looking for a solution to easily carry our gear and tools around at competition and the new members came through with a great answer. The cart opened the eyes of our new members to three-dimensional modeling and stress analysis while also allowing them to design something useful for the entire team. We would like to thank Cain Steel for providing the materials to build the cart. In Cain Steel's honor, we are naming the it the Cain Cart. We will be adding all the logos of our sponsors to the sides of the cart to allow them to be displayed at competition and whenever we use our cart.

Thank you Fitz-Thors Engineering! - January 20, 2015

We would like to thank Fitz-Thors Engineering for machining our spherical bearing housings. Because of the quick turn around that Fitz-Thors was able to provide us, we are able to begin assembly of the a-arms sooner. The spherical bearing housings provide the connection between the a-arms and the uprights.

Thank you Royal Purple - January 12, 2015

Royal-Purple-LogoWe would like to thank our newest sponsor Royal Purple for their bronze donation. Crimson Racing has been using Royal Purple oil for years for its high quality and durability. Royal Purple makes top of the line oil for all cars from production vehicles to high end race cars. We look forward to using the donated oil for years to come. Royal Purple has allowed us to reach one step closer to our end of the year goals.

Frame nears completion! - January 7, 2015

After putting in a lot of work over the winter break, the Crimson Racing team was able to complete the main structure of the frame. There are some minor attachments that still need to be welding on in order to attach the suspension and the steering. Once those are complete, the frame will undergo painting to make it competition ready. We look forward to having it completed soon.

Thank you Grainger Consulting - November 28, 2014

We would like to thank our newest sponsor Grainger Consulting for their bronze donation. Grainger Consulting is based out of Mesa, Arizona and deals with fire protection and forensic engineering. We greatly appreciate the support of Grainger Consulting as it helps us get closer to reaching our goal of becoming a successful program.

New Engine! - October 15, 2014

For the last few months, we have been searching online for a new engine. Three times we have reached a deal with a seller, only to have the seller back out at the last second. One time we even drove to Georgia before being turned down. After all the effort, we were finally able to purchase an engine in lower Alabama. Thank you to Stan's Towing for selling us such a beautiful engine. The engine is a 2003-2005 Yamaha R6 which is the same model as our current car. The purchase of a second engine will allow us to set one engine on an engine dynamometer while the other remains in last year's car. It will also allow us to have two cars once we begin to assemble the 2015 car.

Thank you McAbee, Alabama Bolt & Supply, and Fitz-Thors! - August 26, 2014

Today we visited our Fitz-Thors, McAbee ConstructioThank you McAbee, Alabama Bolt & Supply, and Fitz-Thors!n, and Alabama Bolt & Supply. Fitz-Thors is a long-time sponsor of the Crimson Racing team. They are always eager to help us, and we wanted them to know how much we appreciate all that they do for us. We brought the car with us so they could see how much they have helped us. We also visited new corporate friends in McAbee Construction and Alabama Bolt & Supply. It was great to meet with some of the workers there and we hope that we can create a lasting relationship together.

New Look for the Website - June 28, 2014

website_new_lookThe website got a new look! The new design provides more information to users and allows for easier travel through the website. We hope you explore the new look. The design for the car is also well underway. The frame, intake, and suspension are constantly being improved and we are exploring new techniques such as paddle shifters and general purpose CAN devices.

Success at Competition - May 20, 2014

The team was able to improve five spots from the last year. After a few issues with bolt sizes and gas tank leaks, the team was able to pass the technical inspection. Unfortunately, the team passed too late to compete in the acceleration or the skid pad events. The team competed in the autocross event and completed the first driver’s section in the endurance dynamic event. The car was unable to start back up after the driver change. Despite the disappointment of not being able to complete all the driving events, we are happy with the successes we did have. The new members now realize what it takes to have a top level car and all the members now have a better understanding of how to improve the car. The competition has fueled our motivation to put more time into the car. We have plans set out to begin next year’s car design in the next month.

Competition Approaches - May 12, 2014

Michigan InternationalThe team prepares to leave for competition. They are packed and ready to embark on the 14 hour drive. The competition takes place at Michigan International Speedway. We hope that this year’s car is able to improve on the challenges faced in competition by last year’s car. Since many of the team members of younger, we look forward to the team gaining valuable experience by talking with the judges and seeing firsthand what they expect from the teams.

Frame is Complete - April 18, 2014

After a tiring few weeks, the welding of the frame is complete. It looks impressive and the paint is going to make it look even better. Most of the other parts of the car have already been designed so we look forward to the putting all the parts together.