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The Crimson Racing team was created several years ago for students at the University of Alabama to take part in the Formula SAE competition. Since the creation, we have successfully competed in many national races. We have a current team committed to bringing awards back to the University of Alabama. Along with our goal of competing at a high level of success in events, our team enjoys the experience of learning more about cars and the effort required to produce a quality product. We hope you take some time to explore the website and learn more about the team.

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Thank You Sonic Tools! - October 19, 2016

Manufacturing a racecar requires many tools to be successful. It does not take a long time using tools to realize how much of an impact tool quality can make on projects. Although you can buy low quality tools for a cheap price, you end of having to replace them frequently, and they often are not sufficient for projects. The Crimson Racing team is proud to welcome our newest sponsors, SONIC Tools, for providing the team with a discount on their premium tools! These tools are stamped from a single piece of steel and offer a lifetime warranty. The tools come placed in SONIC foam which is laser engraved, chemical resistant, and fits perfectly in our toolbox. Despite being professional-grade, these tools remain affordable. SONIC Tools is a Dutch company that has launched in the U.S. a few years ago. They have a facility located in Auburn, Alabama. The team is excited to begin using these high-quality tools! If you would like to learn more about SONIC Tools, you can visit their website here.

Crimson Racing at WOW Career Fair - October 17, 2016

Several businesses and schools host an event every year to show middle schoolers and high schoolers potential careers that can be pursued once they complete their schooling. The event is called Worlds of Work and occurred on October 13th and 14th at Shelton State Community College. Along with the many companies in attendance, The University of Alabama had a tent set up. The Crimson Racing car was one of the displays at the tent, and team members answered questions from the students and company employees. The team spoke with many of the companies in attendance who were interested in the car. We hope to continue to get our name out at events like these in the future. If you would like to learn more about the Worlds of Work event, you can visit the link here

Crimson Racing at E-Day - October 6, 2016

Every year, The University of Alabama hosts an event for students in high schools and middle schools to see how exciting engineering can be. The event is called Engineering Day or E-Day for short. The Crimson Racing team had a table set up at the event and talked to several interested students. Many of the students simply wanted to learn how fast the car goes, but they were also many students that wanted to learn how they can get involved. The team plans on continuing to attend similar events, and we hope that we can encourage many upcoming students to become engineers! If you would like to learn more about E-Day, you can visit the link provided here.

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