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The Crimson Racing team was created several years ago for students at the University of Alabama to take part in the Formula SAE competition. Since the creation, we have successfully competed in many national races. We have a current team committed to bringing awards back to the University of Alabama. Along with our goal of competing at a high level of success in events, our team enjoys the experience of learning more about cars and the effort required to produce a quality product. We hope you take some time to explore the website and learn more about the team.

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Crimson Racing at Pyros! - February 28, 2017

pyros_logoThe Crimson Racing team is always working to partner with organizations to help our team and the organization. Tonight, the team will be partnering with Pyros Fire Fresh Pizza located off McFarland Blvd. Pyros allows you to build your own custom pizza and is known for always having fresh produce. Pyros is a favorite restaurant of the Crimson Racing team so it was an easy decision to partner with them. Please come out to Pyros tonight, February 28th to eat great food and support the Crimson Racing team. A percentage of the profits will go to the team. If you want to learn more about Pyros, you can visit their main website here. We also encourage you to eat there more often even when a percentage of the profits does not go to the team!

Thank You Plethora! - February 8, 2017

plethora_logoOne of the frustrations of machining is getting your parts quoted by manufacturers. You must supply the manufacturers with part files and drawings and then wait for days on a response as to whether the part is machinable and, if so, what the cost will be. When you are in a rush to hit deadlines and finish products on time, this process can be a huge hindrance. Luckily, Plethora realized this problem and created an innovative solution to overcome it. Instead of submitting files to get reviewed by people, Plethora created a software plug-in for SolidWorks – a 3D modeling CAD program. When you create a part in SolidWorks, all you must do is run the part through Plethora’s plug-in to get an instant quote. You can even select turnaround times and send the parts off for manufacturing from within the plug-in! If you don’t believe how easy the process is, download the plug-in and try it for yourself. Plethora even provides your first $250 in machining for free! The team mainly uses SolidWorks, so Plethora is a great fit for us. Every product we have received has been top quality. We look forward to working with Plethora more in the future! We encourage everyone to visit their website which can be found here.

Crimson Racing featured in The Crimson White! - January 31, 2017

crimson_white_logoThe University of Alabama is privileged to have a great student newspaper called The Crimson White. In relation to other college newspapers, The Crimson White is near the top. Along with other awards, the newspaper was awarded the National Pacemaker Award in 2015 which is the highest award in collegiate journalism and is commonly referred to as “the Pulitzer Prize of collegiate journalism”. Recently, The Crimson White featured a story on Crimson Racing. The link to the story can be found here. The article talks about the progress the team has made over the past few years and about the upcoming success we plan on achieving. We are excited to be featured in the newspaper, and we look forward to continuing to get our name out in the community. We encourage everyone to read the article and pass it along to your friends!

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