About Crimson Racing

The Crimson Racing team was created several years ago for students at the University of Alabama to take part in the Formula SAE competition. Since the creation, we have successfully competed in many national races. We have a current team committed to bringing awards back to the University of Alabama. Along with our goal of competing at a high level of success in events, our team enjoys the experience of learning more about cars and the effort required to produce a quality product. We hope you take some time to explore the website and learn more about the team.

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Advanced Materials from Hexcel - September 11, 2017

hexcel_logoIn motorsports, every ounce matters. Thanks to Hexcel’s advanced composites manufacturing, we can achieve lightweight designs and even achieve higher performance. Their products are used in many different industries and applications. Through the use of their carbon fibers and honeycomb sandwich panels, Crimson Racing will be able to manufacture CR18’s body, custom dash, firewall, and many other parts. Thanks to Hexcel, our designers can produce a better car and gain experience with cutting edge materials We are excited to begin manufacturing these custom parts, and seeing the performance advantages of composites with the continued support of Hexcel.

Achieving Success with Altair - July 8, 2017

altair_logoWe are very excited to announce a partnership with Altair, and we are excited to begin using their featured software HyperWorks. This sophisticated software is capable of many different types of simulations, and their features are second to nearly none. We will be utilizing this software across nearly every sub-team to help us design and validate CR18. We are excited to use this amazing software as we stay hard at work designing CR18. We encourage you to consider not only HyperWorks but all of Altair’s products, which can be found here. We are thankful for this new Gold level sponsorship!

US Chrome and Hesco Help with Engine Performance - July 6, 2017

engineOne of the many challenges that Crimson Racing faces is keeping our engines reliable and high performing. We are thankful for Hesco’s and US Chrome’s continued support. Hesco helped us by lightening the crankshaft and decking the head for one of our engines. Hesco offers many services and products for both cars and marine vehicles. We are glad to welcome them back as a sponsor, and we invite you to check out their website here!

US Chrome helped us out by replating the bores, which will raise cylinder compression. US Chrome has the ability to plate many different materials. We urge you to check them out for all your plating needs here. We have finished rebuilding the engine, and we setting it up on our dynamometer. We are thankful for our sponsors continued partnership, and we are very impressed with the results.


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